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How Much To Convert A Car To Electric

Introduction: Embracing electric classic cars

In the realm of automotive innovation, the marriage of classic charm and modern technology is a captivating endeavor. At Revival Autos, we specialize in transforming iconic vehicles into electric classics, ushering in a new era of sustainable driving. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating world of converting classic cars to electric, focusing on the captivating journey of electric classic cars such as the Austin Healey 100 and Austin Healey 3000.

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Benefits of electric classic cars

electric classic cars offer a myriad of advantages, blending the allure of timeless design with the cutting-edge performance of electric technology. These benefits include:

  1. Environmental Impact

Converting classic cars to electric is a powerful step towards a greener future. With zero tailpipe emissions, these electric classics contribute to cleaner air and reduced carbon footprint, playing a pivotal role in environmental preservation.

  1. Heritage Preservation

By converting classic cars to electric, we ensure that the legacy of these iconic vehicles lives on. Classic car enthusiasts can relish the nostalgia of the past while embracing the efficiency and sustainability of the future.

  1. Performance and Efficiency

electric classic cars offer a seamless and silent driving experience, accompanied by impressive torque and acceleration. With fewer moving parts and refined engineering, these vehicles provide a level of efficiency and performance that’s nothing short of remarkable.

  1. Lower Operating Costs

Embracing an electric classic doesn’t just benefit the environment—it also translates into tangible financial advantages. Reduced maintenance requirements, minimal moving parts, and lower energy expenses contribute to long-term savings.

How Much To Convert A Car To Electric
How Much To Convert A Car To Electric


Exploring the Cost of Converting to Electric Classic

Components Influencing Cost

The transformation of a classic car into an electric marvel involves several components that influence the overall cost:

  1. Battery System

The heart of an electric conversion, the battery system, can constitute a significant portion of the expense. High-capacity lithium-ion batteries offer extended range and performance, contributing to the driving experience.

  1. Electric Motor

Replacing the traditional combustion engine, the electric motor plays a central role in the vehicle’s new powertrain. The choice of motor affects power, performance, and ultimately, the cost of the conversion.

  1. Charging Infrastructure

The convenience of electric classic cars relies on efficient charging infrastructure. Home charging stations and associated installation costs are essential components of the conversion process.

  1. Drivetrain Modifications

Adapting the drivetrain to accommodate the electric motor’s power delivery requires skilled labor and quality components. This process ensures the seamless integration of electric components with the classic car’s structure.

Customization and Considerations

Each electric classic conversion is a work of art, allowing for customization options that influence the overall cost:

– Range

Tailoring the range to suit driving needs is a key consideration. While larger battery packs extend range, they may impact the cost. Balancing range and budget is a crucial aspect of the customization process.

– Performance

Choosing to preserve the original performance or enhance it with a more potent electric setup is a decision that impacts the driving experience and the conversion cost.

– Aesthetics

Ensuring that electric components seamlessly integrate with the classic car’s aesthetics may involve modifications. While preserving the vehicle’s visual appeal, these modifications are essential for a successful conversion.

Is the Investment Worth It?

The initial investment for an electric classic conversion might appear substantial, but the long-term benefits make it a compelling endeavor:

– Lower Operating Costs

Reduced maintenance requirements, elimination of fuel expenses, and potential incentives contribute to substantial long-term savings.

– Environmental Impact

Driving an electric classic car means contributing to a sustainable future with zero tailpipe emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

– Enhanced Driving Experience

Experience the seamless power delivery and acceleration of an electric motor, adding a new dimension of excitement to the joy of driving.

Embrace the Future with Revival Autos

Converting classic cars to electric at Revival Autos is a fusion of tradition and innovation, a testament to our commitment to sustainable driving and automotive excellence. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for preserving automotive history, we create electric classic cars that stand as a testament to ingenuity and progress. Explore the possibilities and embrace a brighter, greener future with our electric classic cars. Connect with Revival Autos to embark on your electrifying journey today.

Our Expertise: Mastering the Art of Electric Classic Conversion

At Revival Autos, our team of skilled engineers and automotive enthusiasts possesses a deep-rooted passion for both classic cars and cutting-edge technology. With years of experience in electric vehicle conversions, our experts have honed their craft, ensuring that each conversion is a seamless blend of art and engineering. Meticulous attention to detail, a commitment to quality, and a profound understanding of the unique characteristics of classic cars define our approach.

Our experts guide you through every step of the conversion journey, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring that your electric classic car not only performs flawlessly but also preserves the timeless beauty and heritage of the original. Trust in our expertise as we transform your classic car into an electrifying masterpiece that captures the spirit of the past while embracing the future.


Q1: How Much Does It Cost on Average to Convert a Car to Electric?

A: The cost varies based on factors like the model, battery size, and customization. On average, an electric classic conversion can range from [Range of Cost]. Contact Revival Autos for a personalized estimate.

Q2: Are electric classic cars Reliable?

A: Absolutely. Our conversions are carried out by skilled professionals, ensuring reliability, performance, and safety.

Q3: Do Converted Cars Have the Same Power as Their Gasoline Counterparts? A: electric classic cars can offer impressive power and acceleration, often rivaling or even surpassing their gasoline counterparts.

Q4: What Is the Range of an electric classic car?

A: The range depends on factors like battery capacity and driving conditions. Our experts will guide you to choose a range that suits your needs.

Q5: Can I Recharge the Car at Home?

A: Yes, we help set up home charging stations, offering convenient charging for your electric classic car.

Q6: Will the Conversion Alter the Look of My Classic Car?

A: At Revival Autos, we understand the sentimental value of classic cars. Our expert team is dedicated to preserving the original aesthetic charm of your classic vehicle. While some modifications are necessary to accommodate electric components, we ensure that the essence and visual appeal of your classic car remain intact.

Q7: How Long Does the Conversion Process Typically Take?

A: The duration of the conversion process can vary depending on factors such as the model of the car and customization requirements. On average, the conversion process for an electric classic car takes approximately [Time Frame], during which our skilled technicians meticulously carry out the transformation while ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Q8: Can I Still Drive My electric classic car Long Distances?

A: Absolutely. The range of your electric classic car depends on various factors. For example battery’s capacity and driving conditions. With advancements in battery technology electric classic cars can offer substantial driving range that allow you to embark on memorable journeys whether they’re short scenic drives or longer road trips.

Q9: Do You Provide Warranty for Electric Classic Conversions?

A: Yes, we stand behind the quality and reliability of our conversions. Revival Autos offers a comprehensive warranty that covers the electric components and the conversion process. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can enjoy your electric classic car with peace of mind, knowing that it’s backed by our expert craftsmanship.

Q10: Can I Convert Any Classic Car to Electric, Regardless of Its Age?

A: While electric classic conversions are feasible for many classic car models, the conversion process may vary based on the car’s age, condition, and compatibility with electric components. Our team of experts will evaluate your classic car and provide insights into the conversion potential, helping you make an informed decision about embracing the electric future.