Electric Classic Sports Cars in London

Electric Classic Sports Car

The roads of London are occupied with everything from good old taxis to rare sports cars and EVs. However, over the past two years, a unique kind of vehicle is gaining rep on these streets. 

After the suggested ban on ICEs, London’s streets are being flooded with EVs. While most of them are new EVs and PHEVs, a new kind of electric classic sports car is also seen on the streets. Supposedly, these classic sports cars are being restored to their original glory by converting into electric.

What are electric classic sports cars?

These electric classic sports cars are very simply vintage sports cars converted into electric. While some businesses literally convert them to electric by retrofitting them with electric motors and batteries. There are other businesses that are hand-building these cars like they were built originally and fitting them with an EV powertrain.  

The only difference is durability and affordability. The old classics that were built in the sixties have old body shells that need to be restored and reinforced to handle the heavy EV technology. Whereas newer body shells are built today using the original design and machinery, so while being an old design they are new and have a greater life expectancy. 

This also affects the price as the older one only needs conversion while ones with newer body shells are pretty much a new car. What stays the same however is that they get converted to EVs and can be used till the end of the century.

Why are people converting classic sports cars into electric?

Apart from the future-proofing that comes to these classics after converting them to EVs, there are a lot of added benefits. The most important of all is the performance aspect of it. 

These old classic sports cars, while built for performance, were very limited at the time because of the technology. Despite having a high displacement engine the power figures were limited due to bad efficiency. These powerhouses were also unrefined, big and heavy. 

Whereas modern-day EV technology comparatively is lighter and a lot more efficient. The power they produce is also extremely high which makes these electric classic sports cars fun to ride. Thanks to their aerodynamic design, low riding stance and even lower centre of gravity, these electrified sports cars can easily handle high speeds. 

While some may argue that swapping engines has taken away the original characteristics of these vehicles, adding an EV powertrain has surely replenished it with a new one. One that both you and nature would enjoy. 

Aside from these, having a vintage electric sports car means no fuel bills, maintenance cost or government tax. Being an EV also makes daily drivable that can be used for daily  commuting.

What kind of Electric Classic Sports car for sale are available in London?

London has a huge market of electric classic cars with a huge list to choose from. However, there are only a few businesses that sell electric classic sports cars. One such business is Revival Auto which specializes in selling electrified 1960’s British sports cars. One of their newer additions is the iconic Austin Healey 100 which is available for sale from September 2022. 

Not only do you get a fully restored Austin Healey 100 which is already a rare collectible. You get a powerful EV powertrain stealthy installed in the car that can only be noticed when you step on the accelerator. The car is restored to its originality with the original paint scheme and design so nothing can tell it apart. 

Unique to Revival Auto is an NFT based on the Austin Healey 100 chassis number given to the Revival Auto customer so they can record, track and share the heritage of this vintage beauty. 10% of all the profit made by the company is donated to the owner’s club of Austin Healey. 

Aside from the Healey, you can have cars like the Aston Martin DB-6, Classic Porsche 911/912, Rolls Royce Phantom and Jaguar E-type. Or, you can buy any vintage sports car and have it converted into an electric classic.

How much does a classic electric sports car cost in London?

Buying an electric classic sports car is a lot more expensive but owning it is virtually inexpensive. 

Since EV classic cars are both classic and converted to EV you have to pay a premium to buy them. Generally, a normal classic EV can cost upward of £50,000 whereas a rare high-end electric sports car can easily cost above £100,000.    

Converting an already owned vintage car obviously comes cheaper with the only attached cost of the EV conversion kit and required restoration. This on average can cost between £10,000 to £30,000 easily. The prices however vary depending on the specs of the conversion kit. Having a high-power motor with a high-capacity battery will be a lot more costly than a standard conversion kit. 

Another thing you will have to pay for is the interior luxury. Since most companies give you choices on interior features and upholstery, the package you choose will determine how much the price varies. 

However, once you have paid for this royalty, the only thing you would pay for is charging your batteries. Because, unlike ICE-powered sports classics, electric vintage cars have virtually no cost of ownership. The only maintenance it would need is to maintain its charming classic looks.  

That being said, while buying an electric classic might feel unnecessary, it is only when you drive it you can experience the true essence of the 60’s.